Our approach to adding value

We can help accelerate your success through:

Industry experience and expertise.

DW Healthcare Partners invests exclusively in healthcare companies.

We believe this investment focus allows us to better understand and monitor the regulatory climate, pending and current reimbursement issues, and government policies and trends that impact the healthcare marketplace.

Deal origination.

Our deal origination team develops and maintains relationships with thousands of business owners and identifies hundreds of potential investment opportunities annually. We actively pursue add-on acquisition opportunities for our partners which, in our experience, has proven to accelerate growth. Our deal origination and investment teams attend more than 20 healthcare conferences a year and maintain relationships with thousands of business owners on an annual basis.

Collaboration and support of management.

We value our partnership with entrepreneurs and management. We seek to support management teams to develop and implement the strategic initiatives that will help drive growth.

Strategies to
accelerate growth

We work with our partners to develop a strategic plan to accelerate growth. This could involve an aggressive strategy to acquire competing businesses to consolidate the market, or it could include the build-out of a direct sales force to launch innovative products in a new channel.

Building strong boards

An independent board of directors offers our partners a forum where new ideas and approaches can be discussed, and discipline can support capital allocation decisions.

Identifying acquisition candidates

We proactively work with our partners to identify acquisition candidates and acquire the assets on their behalf. We can complete the deal process for each add-on acquisition and can fund the transaction, if needed.

Recruiting management teams

Drawing from our extensive network of industry contacts, we can help those partners looking for the ideal candidate to augment their administrative, manufacturing, sales, marketing and financial staff.

Promoting best practices

Some of these areas include:

  • Product and customer profitability analysis.
  • Implementation of formal accounting and financial practices.
  • Expanding and enlarging sales forces and their geographic coverage.
  • Acquiring and/or developing new complementary product lines.